Hey, I'm so glad you are here,

I have two strong beliefs:

1. Our greatest challenges become our biggest gifts. ​


2. All lived experiences are VALID - they're valid cause you've lived them and they're yours. Full-stop.

Plus, I know that no one on planet earth has had your experiences and that makes me so keen to hear your voice.

So, where do I come into this?

Well, I'm about helping you nourish yourself without rules, deprivation or guilt - this process of intuitive eating is the foundation to connecting to your body - which is where your intuition resides. And your intuition is the guiding compass to creating the life you crave.


Our work goes beyond eating coaching. We explore the healing process of addressing all aspects of yourself that "hunger" for your attention. Your relationship with food becomes a gateway to explore your deeper desires and fears that block you from your intuition and authenticity.

You may be thinking: "but I thought you were a dietitian?"

Allow me to clarify.

I graduated with a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics, started working  as a dietitian but quickly became aware that diets and telling people what to do did not create long lasting change. By the way, our best research also shows that diets DO NOT WORK in the long term and they do way more harm than good.

So, although I studied dietetics, I do not practice as a *typical* dietitian.

Instead I see myself as a healer/therapist/counselor that looks at all aspects of the multi-dimensional being that you are. 

Where does people pleasing come into this?

Through my work and personal self-development work I identified that people pleasing (denying/ignoring/sabotaging our own truth to fit in/belong) and perfectionism (the expectation of arriving at a place of perfection with little struggle, and the feeling of overwhelm when work needs to be done) are two core obstacles from connecting to your intuition and authentic self. 

This observation and curiosity lead me to start the podcast good girl gone intuitive where I talk about the process of breaking free from people pleasing and perfectionism to awaken your intuition,


Fun facts about me...

I'm in love with long discussions with like-minded people! Particularly while walking in nature. My favourite topics are self-development and personal growth, or travelling, culture, and human potential. 


 I also love the sea and feel blessed to be living on an island currently, love to shake my booty i.e. dance (especially Brazilian samba and all things Latin!) and adore animals - Herb and Rai are my two cheeky cats. 


I look forward to connecting with you through either face to face or in one of my programs!

So much love, 

The formal stuff. . .

Anastasia is a Dietitian/Nutritionist with over 6 years experience as a practicing dietitian in private practice in Australia.

She is an Intuitive Eating Counselor and has also completed training in the psychology of eating and mindful eating.

She believes in ongoing education, and supervision and strives to get it right than be right. 




  • Intuitive Eating Counsellor Training, with Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole 

  • Eating Psychology Coach Certification, Institute of the Psychology of Eating

  • Am I hungry? Mindful Eating Facilitator Training, with Dr Michelle May 

  • Master of Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Sydney 

  • B. Science (Anatomy and Anthropology), B. Arts (Modern Greek), UNSW

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