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 I am passionate about helping you nourish yourself authentically without rules, deprivation or guilt. Healing comes when you address all aspects of ourselves that "hunger" for our attention. I feel strongly against dieting, and the stigma, phobia, and fearmongering that exists around weight, because of my personal lived experience with dieting that lead to an eating disorder and  the lived experiences of so many of my clients, friends and colleagues, as well as the plethora of research around the fact that diets fail us.

In my studies and career as a dietitian, I found that the harder I tried to abide by the rules and information around "healthy eating" the more I failed. I was unable to stick to diets, or honour my own "health plans" . . .


The result?

I felt like a fraud and ashamed that I was often overeating, binge eating or feeling out of control around food. I knew I wanted to treat my body with more respect and care, but every time I tried to follow a plan to eat better, it lasted only a few days before I ate all of the “unhealthy” foods and felt completely defeated.


Why was this so hard?

And if I couldn’t stick to my "health plans" why did I expect my clients to? I knew that the answers had to be somewhere, yet I continued this cycle of diet-binge-guilt for many more years, until I hit rock bottom.  I was overwhelmed, anxious, and completely confused about how to eat normally.


My journey back to a healthy relationship with food and my body began when I reached out received the help, guidance and tools that I needed to reconnect to my own body, my own needs and my own intuition. 


What I've learned 

Most of us tend to have a lot of head knowledge, yet what we really need is to go further down and connect to our body, our own lived experience, our wisdom and our intuition. From that space we can take meaningful action that heals our health.

As professionals, mothers, caregivers, coaches  we help others heal, because our super power is our sensitivity and our empathetic and caring nature, we need time, space and our own coach and community to help us heal.

This is what I wish to offer you. A space for you to heal. 

Ana x

The formal stuff. . .

Anastasia is a Dietitian/Nutritionist with 6 years experience as a practicing dietitian in private practice in Australia.

She is an Intuitive Eating Counsellor and has also completed training in the psychology of eating and mindful eating.

She believes in ongoing education, and supervision and strives to get it right than be right. 




- Intuitive Eating Counsellor Training, with Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole 

- Eating Psychology Coach Certification, Institute of the Psychology of Eating

- Am I hungry? Mindful Eating Facilitator Training, with Dr Michelle May 

- Master of Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Sydney 

- B. Science (Anatomy and Anthropology), B. Arts (Modern Greek), UNSW

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