Food & Body Therapy Session

These sessions are designed to help you move towards your authentic health. We do this together as a team, while always respecting your personal lived experience, body wisdom and intuition.


Some of the things we can work on together include:

  • Healing your relationship with food and your body

  • Breaking free from diets, rigid rules, "shoulds" and "to do" lists

  • Understanding your brain and challenging beliefs that keep you stuck in "all or nothing"/perfectionistic/"black or white"/dieting mindsets

  • Reconnecting to your body cues and building trust and relaxation in your body

  • Dealing with emotional eating, comfort eating, boredom eating and other triggers

  • Learning to provide adequate nourishment for your body 

  • Managing eating when stressed, busy or have limited time 

Each session will be an opportunity to unpack some of the barriers and disruptors to your connection to your body and your own intuition.

We work towards establishing nourishing habits for your body and mind with the aim to feeling connected and honouring your needs effectively and consistently. This will result in a healing of the relationship with yourself, body, mind and spirit.

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