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The term "good girl" includes people pleasing, silencing your thoughts, needs or desires, chronic dieting (or the mindset that you need to change your body), constantly following other people's expectations, and tuning out of your intuitive power to follow rules that you may not agree with.

Many of us grow up feeling a strong disconnection between our personal body (felt) wisdom,  and the things the world tells us to do and to be.


This is something we feel but can't describe with words; and as the images of "happiness" shown on television and media don't match our internal experience, we often feel that there is something wrong with us. Truth is there is absolutely nothing wrong with us, and our reactions are 100% valid and normal.

Your host is Anastasia Hourdas, intuitive eating counsellor, nutrition therapist and creator of the Reclaim Your Intuitive Eating Power Program. With her conversational podcast episodes and relatable stories, Anastasia will keep you motivated to connect to your intuition and help you feel less alone as you navigate the ups and downs of reconnecting to your intuition.


This podcast is here to help guide you towards having your own back, and understand that anxiety and overwhelm are guides towards you reclaiming your intuitive power and living the life you crave.

IMPORTANT: If you are a human on planet earth, this podcast is for you. The term "good girl" is meant a a general descriptor, not to exclude or limit who this podcast is for.

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