How Dieting Is A Form Of People Pleasing

Dieting and people pleasing drain our power. We feel exhausted mentally, emotionally, physically.

In this episode, I unpack 5 ways that the two overlap and speak on ways to begin to reconnect to your intuition instead.

Common characteristics between dieting and people pleasing:

1. We ignore our own needs.

In dieting we ignore our physical cues of hunger and fullness. In people pleasing we ignore our authentic voice to "please" or follow the needs, or wants of others. We abandon our selves and are co-dependent on others.

2. We rely on others to tell us what to do.

When we are dieting we are following a diet or a "plan" or "rules" for weight loss. When we are people pleasing, we are "good" in doing what others expect of us. In the process we lose ourselves, we feel alone, cause we are not showing up truthfully in our relationships. It can create an existential loneliness, as people don't authentically know us.

3. We dismiss our deeper desires to feel good in the moment.

We all have needs and we try to meet them in the best way possible. But when we are unaware of our needs and the way that we are meeting those needs, we could be repeating cycles of suffering, and not moving towards our highest potential.

4. We are basing our success on people’s expectations.

We are basing success on external achievements. Have I lost enough weight, what does the number on the scales say? Have I been good enough? Have I done all the right things for everyone around me to be happy?

5.We suppress our voice, thoughts or beliefs.

Our voice is the manifestation of our truth. When we supress what we feel is true, to keep the peace or to shrink ourselves, we feel smaller and smaller inside. Our soul is shrinking, and we are likely to feel hurt, upset, anxious - these are symptoms of being disconnected from our intuition.


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